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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Friday, February 28, 2014

the best gifts.

the end of my wedding knocked the wind out of me. i am very excited to be married, but was so sad to see everyone return home to their far away residencies scattered throughout the world. the best gifts in life are definitely family and friends, and the end of my special day was my wake up call to create togetherness amongst the close friends who do live nearby. growing up, my grandpa david created a unique bond amongst my (weird & crazy) family by hosting dinner parties and inviting everyone he knew. i'd eat bottomless bowls of grandma's too-oily chicken soup, haagen-dazs chocolate coated ice cream pops and homemade sugar cookies, and my grandma would still say, "you didn't eat enough baby." but today, as a grown-up, i realize that those nights with all of my cousins, aunts and uncles created a closeness that cannot be forged.

and so, matt and i invited all of our favorite people over last night for a potluck to continue that beautiful feeling of standing in a room full of loved ones. we sat in south beach traffic to grocery shop, (i wore my coziest sailor inspired tee, and he matched me in stripes too!) and we cooked. i made spring rolls and matt cooked sliders with homemade buns. it was a beautiful evening in our tiny south beach apartment. ♥

blouse: sheinside
shorts: J.crew
shoes/sunnies: vintage

Thursday, February 27, 2014

meridian avenue style.

matt said, "you're taking pictures in this, you're just in a t-shirt, that's not like you!" before we took these. but lately i've been loving this casual "street style" look, and i have been soaking up all of the denim at the gap. i forgot how amazing all of their jeans fit! i feel like sometime in the past few years the GAP fell to the wayside, but maybe just maybe they are coming back. i've noticed that with a lot of retailers lately.. they are becoming more proactive. i feel like 'proud mommy' when i walk by a window that actually grabs my attention, and then realize it's a brand that died 5 years back.

anyway, back to the white tee. i snagged it at F21 for something crazy like $4, and it is probably my most versatile wardrobe piece. i'm the first to reach for a fabulous pastel colored A-line skirt, but for 80 degree walks on south beach, a white linen tee does just fine =) it is my first day off in nine days, i have been sniffly sick and all i want to do is sleep but i cant, because we are hosting a dinner party tonight! i love hosting a big group of friends and feeling like my house becomes a miniature less extravagant version of a gatsby movie. i'll snap some pictures! have a lovely thursday.

blouse: F21
jeans: GAP- 1969 legging jean
plaid: J.crew
boots: J.Crew
hat: vintage
bag: Modcloth

Sunday, February 23, 2014

golden hour.

it's been a while since we went on a long walk around the beach, but tonight we were able to squeeze one in! the sun has been setting a bit later, which is great for photos, but also means the heat is starting to come back. we are getting back to the normal routine of home cooked meals, 3 mile runs, 7 hour sleeps and nighttime cups of coffee (from our new coffee press!) the regularity of life is comforting. i love my little family. matty and claudie make all things in the world okay. ♥ have a lovely sunday night!

blouse: chicwish
skirt: romwe
shoes: vintage
hat: UO

Thursday, February 20, 2014

when the sun sets on south beach after work...

here's an outfit post! it is nothing special, and it is a lot of J.crew, but it is what i wore to work today on this very day to dress mannequins and be comfortable! it has been extremely hectic since our return (and going back to work / catching up) but i think in a few more days i will feel back to normal! tonight i am pretty sleep deprived and full of junky foods, which never feels too great. ;) we all have those weeks sometimes though, dont we? when our co-workers bring in donuts and we eat one too many, or our workload forces us to rise 3 hours before normal human times, or we are soooo tired after work that going for a run seems hilariously out of the question. yup!

p.s. the glasses are because sleepy eyes. =)

blouse: j.crew
pants: j.crew
shoes: j.crew
jacket: 90's GAP


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

photobooth moments ♡

i'm sorry my posting has been a little slow over here as far as outfits go :) i promise they will be back soon. until then, here's some fun wedding photobooth photos that i just got back! so many great ones! having the photobooth at the party was one of our best decisions, it was so much fun to sneak away and take some secret photos :)


Monday, February 17, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Degreff.

saturday was the best day of my life. people always tell you that your wedding day will be your best day yet, and i didn't understand the true gravity of this statement until my day. it is a day i will always remember and cherish, a day i will savor for the rest of my life. it came so slowly and passed so quickly, but so it usually goes.

surrounded by our favorite 18 people dressed in mustard and navy and our family and friends from all over the world(from amsterdam to india), we shared our vows under a giant oak tree at the lange farm. i was so ready to marry matt, that i accidentally said "i do" too soon. :) here's a few of my favorite photos that my friend Daniela's boyfriend Gaby snapped. i will share more when our photographer sends over photos! i'm off to enjoy the second day of being Matt's wife.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

seeya soon, as a Mrs!!

i am officially done with work, and the wedding festivities are beginning! it is all so surreal. it almost feels like the end of college felt, or moving to a new state-- it hasn't quite hit me yet. all i feel is really really excited! i don't think it will really sink in that i am matt's wife until i write it and say it for a while :) I AM OFF TO BE PRESENT IN THIS MOMENT! I cannot believe how quickly these 7 months flew by! have a lovely rest of the week.

i will be posting some peeks on instagram.

lots and lots of love,

soon to be Mrs. Degreff !

Sunday, February 9, 2014

the final countdown. ☝☝☝

all smiles here. 5 days to go until the wedding! 2 days left of work! probably the most exciting week of my life ever. i get to marry my very best friend so soon! =D

i promised i'd wear hearts until the day-of, and i am keeping that promise!

skirt: vintage
blouse: romwe
shoes: DV by dolce vita
bag: vintage coach

Thursday, February 6, 2014

the day we picked up our marriage license!

this morning we picked up our marriage license! it really is incredible how easy it is to become married once you decide you want to be. it's one of the biggest life decisions that is the easiest to bring to fruition. we walked a few blocks to our local clerks office, brought in our license's, and voila! we have a marriage license! after our wedding we just have to bring it back in to make everything official!

after picking it up, we grabbed coffee's and walked home. it actually was not as eventuful as i maybe always pictured, but a fun morning nonetheless! 8 days to go! have a happy weekend!

dress: chicwish
hat/shoes: vintage
bag: "pepaloves"
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