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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summertime stripes.

happppy wednesday! it's my day off, but boy do i have a list of things to get done... all fun things of course! even though i don't work til' 9 or 10 on my new schedule, i still can't kick the habit of waking up really early. i guess it's okay though, because mornings are fun!

i wore this to grab coff with matt and claude at our home base starbucks. i know it's silly to get coffee out of the house since we have a coffee maker, but it still feels "special" to go out on a coffee date and walk around. it has been extra rainy, but i love the calm after the storm. i've been trickling pops of fall colors into my outfits, but only because i REALLY can't wait for fall. :) pumpkin spice latte season is only a blink away!

blouse: thrifted
skirt: F21
bag: vintage coach
sunnies: c/o Zero UV
bass weejuns: c/o Bass

Sunday, July 28, 2013

creamsicle shoes.

today was a beautiful day, because we booked our wedding date! 202 days until we are husband and wifey! we stood at the site where we're going to be wed officially, and i got a little emotional. it's incredible how much we have gone through together to get to this point. i am so proud of us. ♥

i wore this fun and colorful outfit for our journey to the venue. i am so in love with these candy colored bass weejuns. they're the perfect summer to fall loafer. i cannot wait to style them with some beautiful red wine colored pants in fall! off to sleep so i can dream wedding planning thoughts. lol. it's all that's on my mind these days.

blouse: j.crew
skirt: vintage
bag: F21
hat: vintage
candy weejuns: c/o Bass

Friday, July 26, 2013

a lesson on developing film at home with matt! ♥

what you need:
- a changing bag $12.95
- a pair of scissors
- a can opener
- a developing tank $26.75
- a thermometer $5
- 3 measuring cups $4 X 3
- developer 14.99
- stop bath 7.95
- fixer 9.25

Hi, this is Matt here and i'm going to share with you my experience with developing black and white film at home. Steffy asked me to share some things about photography with you guys, so i thought this would be a fun intro post.

I never took photography in high school or college, so i didn't get the experience of developing or printing in a darkroom, but i became interested because a friend gave me a holga back when i was 20 and i have loved shooting film ever since . It was fun and different, and ever since i have tried to shoot as much film as i can. However, recently it has gotten costly since so many people shoot digital. Most photo stores and film labs have closed, and the ones that do take film ship it out. It got to a point where i was spending $5 on a roll of film + $14 per roll for developing! Buying the supplies is a one time investment of about $90 that will last a long time if taken care of well (I left links to all the products I used above). I now only need to buy developer when i run out.

Working with chemicals and exact times seemed like a daunting task to me, and i wont lie, i read and re read a bunch of articles to make sure i got it right. In the end I had a blast and wish i would have started doing this a lot earlier! It takes time and patience, but there's something about being involved in every step of the process that gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Stay tuned to see how the scans turn out and for more posts on how i create!

P.S. i didn't want to steal the credit or leave you with a never ending step-by-step process, so here is the site i found to be the most helpful in mixing the chemicals, and for the process. there's a really useful video, and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

kitties & pinafores.

good afternoon :) I just got home from work after a 6AM morning, and my very last 6AM morning at the aventura mall! yup, I am going back to Lincoln Rd as the merchant of that store... literally a merchandiser's DREAM store. It is colorful and beautiful and filled with cashmere and collection pieces. ♥

i wore this to work/ for an afternoon walk yesterday with my fiance ( :) ) and our pup. the sunlight was twinklin'...! i am off to the gym, have a lovely evening!

blouse: pepa loves
shoes: j.crew
bow: vintage
bag: vintage

p.s. look at my beaaaaautiful store (from last year at this time!)


Monday, July 22, 2013

farewell nyc!

i said bye to NYC yesterday, and it feels good to be home with my cute weenie dog, claude! Lulu's was sweet & sent over this vacation look for my trip, which i got great use out of in the hot hot heat! tomorrow morning i am back to work bright N early. there's something comforting about familiar faces and old routines. goodnight! ♥

dress: c/o LuLu*s
sunnies: c/o LuLu*s
shoes: c/o LuLu*s


Sunday, July 21, 2013

its HOT in nyc. ☀

NYC has been averaging about 95-100 degrees for our stay, so you can say it's been a sweaty few days :) we've been drinking a lot of iced coff, eating a lot of ice pops and trying to find AC as much as we can... with some thrifting in between! hope you enjoy my photos, more to come soon :) xo

dress: for sale in my store
boots: vintage
hat: vintage
sunnies: c/o LuLu*s
bag: c/o LuLu*s

Thursday, July 18, 2013

dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight.

goodbye martha's vineyard, hello new york.

we took a 'last sunset walk' around my neighborhood last night. there's something so comforting about knowing that these beautiful streets are always here waiting for me.

this is my ideal vacation outfit. it's easy, comfortable and has an elastic waistline for all the ice cream we've been eating :)

blouse: c/o romwe
skirt: vintage
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage
bag: c/o choies
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